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Event Update

Thank you to our Sponsors, Sam Adams Beer, Uber Car, Sean Donlan Financial Advisor, Knights of Columbus 2858, Shamrock Stage Coach, RAT Radio and the GREAT GOTTS!

Thank you to McLoone’s for Hosting us again!

Thank you to the City of Long Branch for your excellent support and cooperation!

Thank you to all of my AOH Brothers and Families who helped with Plunge Day!

Thank you Mrs. Sharon Shaw for putting up with me!

The schools are still receiving Plunge Funds in.   Currently we are in the $140,000 range.  
Overall a great day for our Catholic Schools.   More Schools than ever 26!  The weather cooperated and it wasn’t that cold.  36 Air and 42 Water sounds cold, but  it was a warm sun and no wind.   I think the Farmer’s Almanac was pretty close to right.   God always Blesses us with the best day of the period.

All money received by the AOH has been sent to the Schools.

Still Learning:
The Parade of Plungers ended up as the Traffic Jam of Plungers, so that will be modified.

This is our second year the AOH has not collected the money from the Plungers.  It has a lot of advantages including getting you your money sooner and the AOH not having to count it all.   We have to fix the collection and reporting method.   We get some duplicate forms at Registration and it messes up the number.   For example:  a student reports $200 in school and then comes to Registration with a form for $200 with no money attached as if it was a new Registration.   With the wide use of Go Fund Me type account, it happens often that we are given forms with no money attached.   That’s fine, we want to eliminate double counting.